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Dental Equipment plays a key role in the productivity and success of your practice. At Hewitt Dental YOUR needs drive the equipment selection process. Whether it's a new office startup with ali new equipment or the purchase of an existing practice requiring selective upgrades our team is there to provide alternatives and execute.

At Hewitt Dental Inc, our culture is the most important attribute. We hire only engineers and problem solvers with a strong work ethic. We don’t hire salespeople or sell consumables. Historically, Hewitt Dental Inc has been known for having the finest repair technicians in the dental equipment industry. We focus on the following dental equipment:

  • Operatory equipment
  • X-rays from periapical to 3D/CBCT systems
  • Digital and phosphorous plate sensor systems
  • Mechanical room equipment
  • Autoclaves and ultrasonic baths
  • Air and electric handpieces
  • Prophy and related accessories
  • Water treatment systems
  • Other small equipment

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